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How to Use Ultimates in Gears 5

Some Special Powers

Gears 5’s Horde mode is on a completely different level and you will need to be really good to take it on, the survival aspect in Horde mode really pushes you to think creatively and takes you to your limits. Gears 5 has character-specific abilities which can help you survive and deal a ton of damage to your enemies. This guide will show you how to use ultimates in Horde Mode.

How to Use Ultimates in Gears 5


When you jump into Horde Mode, every character gets an Ultimate which temporarily gives them ultimate power and ability to take down the massive horde that’s coming towards you, but you cannot spam it again and again.

You need to press Y to activate your ultimate and to use it again you will have to wait until it recharges again, so make sure that you use them effectively and wisely.

Character Ultimate


Kait – Camouflage

  • Hides from enemies when Ultimate is active.

Del – Reinforce


  • Brings a backup of multiple DeeBees trackers that target enemies.

JD – Artillery Strike

  • Will drop five artillery rounds on an enemy in the open that is marked by the player.


Fahz – X-Ray

  • Locate and shoot enemies through walls while active.

Jack – Hijack

  • Control an enemy and destroy their troops.

Emile-A239 – Drop Shield

  • Brings up a protective drop shield that blocks any projectiles from passing through.

Kat-B320 – Hologram

  • Create a holographic decoy to distract enemy attention and draw fire towards it.

Sarah Connor – Heavy Hitter

  • Ballistic weapons will knockback and stun enemies.

This is all there is to know about how to use Ultimates in Gears 5’s Horde.