How To Use Rescue Services To Teleport In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Prasad More
3 Min Read

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a vast game and you will venture out for your adventures to faraway places, these new places though exciting as they maybe can be confusing and challenging if you get lost. Getting your way back can be a hard process and luckily you have the option of Rescue Services in the game.

It is nice to know that someone has your back and no matter where you are stuck you can always get back to safety provided you have the resources. This guide will show you how to use the rescue services in Animal Crossing.

How To Use Rescue Services In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Rescue Services that you can find on your Nook Phone, you will get it on your phone as soon as you get your Nook Phone in the game and from there on you can teleport back to safety whenever you want.

The best thing about Rescue Service is the fact that you will find it in every game mode, giving you the benefit of using this service particularly anytime in the game. It is not just about getting back safely but you can also use it to get back home quickly.

You can also use this service to teleport to a couple of a few other buildings too.

To use the Rescue Service, you will have to press ZL on your controller and take your phone out, and select the option of Rescue Service. Confirm this selection and you will have to pay a sum of 100 Nook Miles to get you back from wherever you are.

How To Use Rescue Services In Animal Crossing New Horizons

From there on, you get a couple of choices to teleport to:

  • Home
  • The Plaza
  • The Shop
  • The Airport

The Rescue Service will teleport you exactly in front of the building you selected, this is vital if you want to travel to somewhere quickly or are too lazy to walk all the way back home.

That covers everything about how to use rescue service in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Check out other guides on Animal Crossing New Horizons in case you are stuck on any part of the game.