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How to Use Pressure Plate in ARK Survival Evolved Genesis

Survival Evolved: Ark Genesis update brought tons of new items to the game and with those, there are so many more elements that you use including new creatures and items. One such item is the pressure plates and this guide will show you how to use pressure plates in Survival Evolved: Ark Genesis.

How to Use Pressure Plate in Survival Evolved: ARK Genesis

Pressure plates work in Survival Evolved just like they would in real life, they are used to activate or deactivate triggers to devices that they are connected to.

In Survival Evolved Ark Genesis you can set up traps with the help of pressure plates, but you will have to craft these pressure plates in the game.

To activate or deactivate the pressure plates you will have to stand on them, once you are on the pressure plates you can have the Context Wheel open.

You are required to set a requisite Pin number on the Pressure Plate. A Show Pin Broadcast range will pop up when you set it up and after you toggle it on it will show you a green glowing area.

The green area shows you that a pressure plate is active and in use. To use it as a trap you will have to link it to a door in the game.

This way you can create traps not only for the raiding enemies but also for small animals that you will be able to capture, but you have to keep in mind that large animals will simply break the pressure plate and will not activate it.

To craft the pressure plate in Survival Evolved Ark Genesis, you will require the following things:

Cementing paste fiber

Once you have collected the above items all you have to do is go to your Genesis engrams. You need to be a minimum of level 12 in order to research pressure plates.

This is all there is to know about how to use pressure plates in Survival Evolved: ARK Genesis.