Tips to craft and use Oil Maker in Stardew Valley

Here is a guide on one of the most important crafted items in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing game that was introduced in 2016. This game allows players to take up multiple activities while taking care of their farm. Players can even cook in this game. Now obviously oil is one of the main ingredients while cooking. And since Stardew Valley focuses on being as realistic as possible this game tries to emulate all real-life activities. This means that players have to learn to use an Oil Maker.

The Oil Maker is one of the most important crafted items in the game. The oil maker is an Artisan Equipment which is used to make Artisan Goods, oil in this case.

How to use Oil Maker in Stardew Valley

Oil Maker in Stardew Valley

To produce or make oil players will require an Oil Maker and some ingredients. To craft an Oil Maker a player needs to have reached Level 8 Farming Skill.

Stardew Valley Oil Maker Crafting

To Craft an Oil Maker a player needs 50 Slimes, 20 Hardwood, and 1 Gold bar. After this, you are ready to go ahead and use your Oil Maker. Processing time varies with the time of the day too and you can produce two distinct types of oil.

  1. Cooking oil: This type of oil is made from various different ingredients. Processing times depend on the ingredient. Oil from Sunflower takes 60 minutes to get processed. From Sunflower Seeds the same process takes around 2 days. To make oil from corn the processing period is 16 hours. The best way to get sunflowers is to grow them as they take 8 days to grow and drop sunflower seeds when they are harvested. These oils can be sold for 100g.
  2. Truffle Oils: Truffle oils are made from truffles. They take about 6 hours to be processed in an oil maker. These oils are sold for around 1065g.

Cooking oils can also be purchased from Pierre for 200g each. Players can actually use oil to create shirts. When used while sewing players are able to create an Oil Stained Shirt. Truffle oil is used in a quest given by Mayor Lewis. Now that you know how to use an Oil Maker look at how to get hardwood and how to get clay.