How to Use Legion Abilities in Astral Chain

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Astral Chain likes you to challenge you in its combat and every time you will have a new challenge that will keep you fixed to the game, some of these battles can be quite overwhelming and this guide will show you how to use Legion abilities in Astral Chain.

How to Use Legion Abilities in Astral Chain

Legion in Astral Chain is a pet that you have fighting beside you, you will have to battle them first because in order to get one you will have to capture them first. Once you have successfully captured them, they become your Legion.

You can have only one Legion at a time in Astral Chain but you can capture more.

You can equip two abilities to each Legion that you have fought by your side, but in order to do that, you will have to learn them in the Legion tab of the main menu.

After doing so, you can head over to the abilities option to equip them. During battles press and hold ZL button on the Switch to take control of the Legion.

You can press X or Y to use the move that you have assigned to the button to use those specific abilities with your Legion.

Make sure that you keep your character out of harm’s way when you are in control of your Legion as they will be open for attacks.

This is all there is to know about how to use Legion Abilities in Astral Chain

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