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How to Use League of Legends Dodge Tool to Predict Win Rate?

League of Legends Dodge tool provides prediction of win rate. It uses machine learning to provide a win-rate for your champion.

First hour of League of Legends decides whether you are going to win or lose in the game. The game is filled with tough choices and once you pick the wrong champion you will not win. To sort this out, here is Lol Dodge Tool. A simple tool that uses machine learning to find the best champion with the highest win rate.

How to use Lol Dodge Tool?


Simply copy-paste the chat window text from the client to the Lol Dodge Tool website. The tool will predict your win rate.  If you are tired of losing and finding your friends always has the edge then try this tool. It uses machine learning to find out how well your champ can stand against others. Lol Dodge Tool uses the stats to provide a Win-Rate. Something above 60% is a decent good score.

Lol Dodge Tool Website

How to accurate is Lol Dodge Tool’s win-rate Prediction?


Based on the website FAQ this tool can is 60% accurate in terms of pulling out the League of Legends win-rate prediction. But there are some other factors that also rely on the rate. As it is not updated there are chances this percentage can fall 10-20% lower. Still, it is a good tool to find out whether your League of Legends champ is strong enough to survive. Or you are just playing with a weak soldier.

Is Lol Dodge Tool still active?

If you need more accurate predictions then go with Champ Select Coach. It is an In-game app that computes a matchup score for your game at champion select. It also scouts the teammate’s performance and together it will give you a team’s matchup score. This tool is best to find which team has more impact. You can then modify your strategy and make your team better.


LOL - Champ Select Coach

Champ Select Coach uses machine learning to pull out the best results. It calculates factors like performance, mood/tilt, premades, playstyle, champion mastery, matchmaking, etc. Champ Select Coach works with many different games.