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How To Use BRUTE Mechs & Where to Find Them – Fortnite

The Mechs are waiting

The introduction of BRUTE in Fortnite Season X has been nothing short of controversial and as always Fortnite usually nerfs a weapon after community outrage, but before they do that or completely remove the BRUTE you might want to check out the immense power of this machine. This guide will show you Where to Find BRUTE Mechs & How to Use Them.



BRUTES are vehicles in Fortnite Season X and it requires a team of two players to operate it. One player is in control of the combat while other steers it. BRUTES are equipped with a shotgun and missile launcher. It is extremely overpowered and if you are in control of one you can easily change the outcome of the match in your favor.

The player in control of the steering of the BRUTE can walk, dash and jump to stomp enemies and structures to wreak damage.

Where to Find BRUTE Mechs


BRUTES do not have a fixed location and it changes from match to match, the best option is to survey the map as you are in the bus and look for BRUTE locations, now you can jump and land close to a BRUTE as possible in an attempt to be able to use it in the match.

BRUTES will spawn randomly and you might have to travel a bit in order to get your hands on one of them.

This is all there is to know about BRUTES and where to find them in Fornite.