How To Use And Unlock Emotes In Bleeding Edge

Here are tips on how to get new Emotes in Bleeding Edge and how to use them in the game.

Bleeding Edge brings up some interesting emotes you can unlock in the game. Also if you are not sure how to use emotes then this Bleeding Edge guide will help you. Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer online combat video game that features gameplay pretty much similar to Fortnite, Destiny, etc. You will be competiting with lot of players around the globe and here is you can use Emote to express how you are feeling upon victory.

How to use Emotes in Bleeding Edge?

To use Emotes in Bleeding Edge on a PC press T on the keyboard to view the emote menu. If you are playing Bleeding Edge on a console like Xbox One then use the Left Stick, just press it and you will be able to use emotes in the game. During the start of Bleeding Edge, you will get one Emote, more will unlock upon progression. Keep on playing new matches and level up your character to unlock fresh new rewards every day. So remember by pressing T on a PC and by using the Left Joystick on Xbox One you can use emotes in Bleeding Edge.

How to unlock new emotes in Bleeding Edge?

There are two ways to get new emotes in Bleeding Edge, first is through rewards that will be unlocked when you win matches and second you can buy emotes directly from the in-game store. Using the in-game currency you can purchase new expressions. If you are not having enough cash then try playing some matches you will earn them.

Do you want to see all emotes in Bleeding Edge then here is a video by Youtuber – PerryK95