How To Use A Remote Raid Pass In Pokemon Go?

By Dev
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The Remote Raid Pass in Pokemon Go is one of the biggest “stay-at-home” adjustments made to the game. Quite contradictory to the original game-plan of making people actually walk for it, Niantic allows players to join raid battles from the comfort of their home, even when you aren’t situated inside the gym radius.

We’ve experienced tweaks to spawn rates, events, egg distances, and more but this is a brand-new product designed to downright shift one of the game’s crucial mechanics, and it’s live in the game right now. While Niantic has hinted at the development of a system that allows you to catch-up with friends and battle anywhere in the world. But for now, you are limited to nearby battles at any given moment, and like most updates, city players have a bigger advantage here as well (due to the fact that gyms are more numerously situated in cities).

How to purchase a Remote Raid Pass?

You can access these passes in the in-game store via the main menu. From there, you can purchase the Remote Raid passes using PokeCoin. Currently, Remote Raid Passes are on a sale price of 100 PokeCoins for a single pass and three passes for 250 PokeCoins. The game is celebrating the release of the Remote Raiding feature and so, we are in for a treat. A one-time-only purchase of the Remote Raid Passes for a steal-deal of one PokeCoin.

How do you use the Remote Raid Pass?

If you wish to enter a raid battle remotely in Pokemon Go, you need to have a Remote Raid Pass in your bag.

  1. You can join a raid remotely by searching through the Nearby Tab or by selecting a gym that contains a raid on the overworld map. Although, the Nearby tab is better preferred as it shows you a broader range of ongoing raids.
  2. Once you have selected a raid, rest everything will seem pretty similar to how it is in normal Raid Battles. The only notable change will be a pink button in place of your regular regular button for joining a raid difference, however, is that the  has been replaced with a pink one, which will allow you to join in exchange for a Remote Raid Pass.

If you join the raid, then selecting your team and battling the raid boss will all be exactly the same as a normal raid. You can even enjoy the rewards quite similarly (if you manage to in though!)

There is a cap of a maximum of 20 players in a single Raid Battle with a limited number of Trainers using a Remote Raid Pass. Once this limit is reached, any new players will be placed in a new lobby. And this limit might be reduced to even 10 players in the coming months, just for the sake of convenience to players, 20 players do get overwhelming for players not accustomed to it.