How To Upgrade Weapons & Legatus in Astral Chain

Tips to make your weapon stronger

Astral Chain gives you a plethora of choices when it comes to weapons and you can be very creative while battling out with other people. You have five different Legion characters with three different weapons which are enough to put you in a dilemma, but having the best weapon will certainly give you an edge and this guide will show you how to upgrade weapons and Legatus in Astral Chain.

How to Upgrade Weapons & Legatus in Astral Chain

Along with your X-Baton, you also get three different weapons to use which is a gun, and a sword. You also have Legatus to summon the different Legion you have access to.

The best part is that you upgrade both these aspects by strengthening the attack power of your weapons or increasing the energy that your Legion possesses in your Legatus and its recharge rate.

To upgrade you will need to head to the B3 floor in Neuron HQ, you can also fast travel if you wish.

Once there, head over to the tech room beside and talk to Tabitha, the one with an eye patch, once you reach there you can upgrade what you wish to.

You will need Material Codes and G, to get G you will have to reach the end of each File. You can also sell some Salvage to earn more G.

To earn Material Codes, you will have to complete missions, you can also find chests or simply complete orders. You will need Material Codes when it comes to unlocking new nodes in Legion Learning.

Once you have enough of Material Codes you can go ahead and upgrade whatever you want.

You can only perform upgrades when you are at Neuron HQ or at the Secret Base which comes later in the game.

This is all there is to know about how to upgrade weapons and Legatus in Astral Chain.