How To Upgrade In No More Heroes 3?

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with No More Heroes 3 as it gets more tricky? We think you might need an upgrade, and we've got just the article for you!

In No More Heroes 3, you will come across several high-powered assassins, making an upgrade to your character an absolute must. Upgrading is necessary because of the difficulty of the game that will only increase as you progress through the game. In this article, we will show you how to upgrade your character.

How to Upgrade in No More Heroes 3?

upgrade no more heroes 3

In order to upgrade Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes 3, you will first need to gain access to the Laboratory. This facility is located right underneath the motel where Travis lives in Santa Destroy. You can find the lab by heading outside and then going into the building with the huge ‘Burger Suplex’ board. Inside the building, you will find a staircase that will take you downstairs to the lab. Alternatively, you can also use the fireman’s pole in Travis’ house to go down into the lab.

Once you do make your way into the Lab, you will find several different ways to upgrade your character. We recommend you check out the big Power-Up arcade machine located right in front of the huge tree in the center of the room. You can use this machine to upgrade your skills. This machine can help you upgrade your attack, health, power, and Death Skill cooldown time too. Additionally, you can also charge your sword attacks here.

Before you go ahead with all of these upgrades, you will also need to make sure that you have enough of WESN. Let’s check out how we can get it in No More Heroes 3.

How to Get WESN?

To acquire WESN, you will first have to earn it by either exploring the open-world regions of the game, or by completing challenges. These challenges involve combats and mini-games. A few examples of the mini-games include routine day-to-day tasks like plunging toilets and mowing the lawn. You performance in these tasks will determine how much WESN you earn.

With this, we arrive at the end of this article on how to upgrade in No More Heroes 3. Since this is a very important step to helping Travis defeat his mighty opponents, we recommend you work hard to get WESN in order to help him upgrade.

With Travis all powered up, check out how to use items in No More Heroes 3.