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How To Increase Inventory Space In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Store more items than before and there are a couple of other tricks that you can use too.

With a game as vast as Animal Crossing New Horizons, there is always going to be more stuff than you keep and you will be constantly wondering where to keep stuff in the game. If you are one of such players who is running out of space, this guide will show you how you can increase your inventory space in the game.

Doing this will allow you to store more items than before and there are a couple of other tricks that you can use too.

Increasing And Expanding Inventory Space In Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you are looking to increase your inventory space permanently, there is only one option and that is to spend Nook Miles, now we all know that getting Nook Miles can be difficult and that’s why this is such a difficult option to advise.

But if you still want to go ahead, all you have to do is purchase the Pocket Organization Guide form the Nook Shop, this will cost you around 5000 Nook Miles, so make sure that you have enough Nook Miles to spare.

This will increase your inventory space by 10 spaces, giving you more space to keep your stuff safe. As you progress in the game though, you will have the option to increase the inventory space by upgrading the Pocket Organization Guide for 8000 Nook Miles.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Inventory Space Upgrade

Yes, this is a costly upgrade but once you progress enough in the game, you will start earning enough Nook Miles, to make sure that you aren’t affected by spending so much.

There are other options as well to increase your inventory space, indirectly though. You can keep things you do not want immediately at your house, but to be able to do this you will have to upgrade from your tent to a proper house.

You can alternatively, leave things that aren’t important outside of your house too, better yet you can arrange these things in a certain way to give it a more artistic look.

There is an option of burying things in the ground as well and this though sounds weird is effective and we have seen lots of people do that. Make sure that if you do go down this path, it is only temporary and not permanent.

Finally, if you are out of all the options stated above, you can sell items. You will have to go to Nook’s Cranny to sell your items and the shop is open from 8 AM to 10 PM. Any business after this will have to be completed at the dropbox, but you will only get 80% of the total value.

That pretty much covers all there is to know about how to increase inventory space in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Check out other guides on Animal Crossing New Horizons in case you are stuck on any part of the game.