How To Upgrade Cars In Need For Speed Heat

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Stock cars are good and don’t get us wrong but you will often need that extra bit of something in Need For Speed Heat and the better your car performs, the better driver you become. This guide will show you how to upgrade your car in Need For Speed Heat.

How to Upgrade Cars in Need for Speed Heat

There are many categories in which you can upgrade your car, you can change even the minute aspects of your car which will have a massive impact and if you know how everything works, it will inturn help you know your car better.

To upgrade your cars, the first thing you will need to do is visit Lucas’ garage. This is the place where you can upgrade all your cars and add performance enhancements to make them faster, be sturdier and perform better in general.

Once you get there you will need to go to the My Ride tab, select the Performance Tile, and choose between the selection of categories. You have a multiple-choice setup and you can focus on a particular upgrade.

The categories are in four parts: Engine, Chassis, Drivetrain, Auxiliary.

The more races you win and the more bank you will the more access you will start to access to better parts in Need For Speed Heat.

Your REP notifies how seriously the other dealers and competition takes you in Need For Speed Heat, to earn REP you will have to compete in races that are usually scheduled during the night.

For bank though you will have to toughen it out during the day which will get you tons of cash for races that you win.

The better you perform the better parts and accessories you will have access to. In Lucas’ garage, you can also change how the car looks from body parts to the color of the car. Everything is customizable in Need For Speed Heat.

Once you have selected the upgrade part you wish to purchase all you have to do is press X/A on your PS4/Xbox One controller and it will be installed in your car.

To upgrade your vehical you can either fast travel to any of the safe houses or simply go to the garage and tune up your car.

This is all there is to know about how to upgrade your car in Need For Speed Heat.