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How to Unlock Thanos in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Its not just about Heroes

Of the plethora of characters available in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, it is not mentioned that the Mad Titan Thanos is available as a playable character in the game as well. It is certainly not an easy task to get Thanos but this guide will show you how to unlock Thanos in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

How to unlock Thanos in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


First thing you will have to do is play through the story at least once, this will be the first and foremost requirement for unlocking Thanos. As you complete through the story you will have three Infinity Modes unlocked with the fourth one unlocking just as you complete the story.

The fourth Infinity Mode which is named as Lambda will be the most difficult to complete out of all those that you have completed before and you will have to progress through all the challenges laid ahead of you.

The final challenge in the Lambda Infinity Mode will have you face off against the Black Order in the Black Order Ultimate Mission. There are about 5 main bosses along with a couple other in your way on your quest to unlock Thanos.


Make sure that you are at least at level 65 as it is the minimum required, make sure that you are prepared before you take on this final challenge as it is certainly the toughest fight you will face in the game.

Once you complete the above, you will have Thanos join in on your team and you can take complete advantage of this Mad Titan’s unbelievable power in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Thanos is the last playable character you can unlock in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you can wait for further characters to be released in future DLC’s or check out other guides on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.


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