How to Unlock Skull Shot in COD Warzone

By Raaj
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Want to know how to unlock Skull Shot Rifle in Call of Duty Warzone? What is the minimum character level required? Here is a guide on the weapon, you will find details whether you have to buy it or it can be unlocked after reaching a certain level in COD Warzone. Skull Shot is an assault rifle with decent stats. Part of Legendary Blueprint, the weapon will be a strong part of your loadout. How let’s begin with how to get skull shot assault rifle in COD Warzone.

How to get Skull Shot in COD Warzone?

You can buy Skull shot bundle in Warzone to unlock the assault rifle. IT can be equipped to the FAL. It also comes in Bone Dry DLC Bundle, which cost 1600CP and has a Quick Snap submachine gun, Fishbones charm, and Crossbones sticker in the package. So this is how you can unlock Skull Shot in COD Warzone, as a part of DLC you can buy it form the store directly.

Skull Shot Legendary Blueprint comes with few attachments. With over five attachments, Skull Shot is a well-balanced weapon in COD Warzone. It is useful during scouting and offers you max control with low recoil. Below are the attachments that come with Skull Shot.

  1. Muzzle: Muzzle Brake
  2. Barrel: 13.0″ OSW Para
  3. Optic: Thermal Hybrid
  4. Stock: Factory 18″ Aluminum
  5. Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip

Muzzle Brake offers more stabilizing, giving you a firm and fast movement while looking around. The barrel contributes more aiming speed and the optic adds to the accuracy. Stock contributes to the movement while walking and under-barrel stabilize the recoil. The overall performance of Skull Shot is good in COD Warzone.

With better attachments you can improve the assault rifles performance in the game.

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