How To Unlock Rolla In Rage 2 – The Goon Squad Car

The lightest buggy with fire and speed

Rolla is a lightweight vehicle that features high speed an ideal combat vehicle to escape fast on the dusty road. It is also best for aces, in this Rage 2 guide I will tell how you can unlock Rolla for free, you just have to visit a location and you will have this in your vehicle list. Rolla is a lightweight car with weapons and it is best to block incoming enemies. But remember the vehicle cannot handle cruise missiles.

How To Unlock Rolla

Select the Main Mission Blackout from Map. In this objective, you will have to find John Marshall at a new location called Gunbarrel. You can refer the map image below to find the mission, set the way point and travel all the way to Gunbarrel. Rolla is parked at the entrance, just exit your vehicle and walk near it. You will unlock Rolla for free.

How To Unlock Rolla In Rage 2

Rolla Car Stats and Call-in Cost:

  • Type: Goon Squad Car.
  • Stat: Lightest Buggy with fire and speed.
  • Weapon: Can leave traces of Fire and Napalm bombs.
  • Benefits: Ideal vehicle to block incoming enemies.
  • Weakness: Vulnerable to cruise missiles while using bomb dropping mechanism, as weak points are exposed.
  • Call in Cost – $10.

After unlocking Rolla you will also earn +5 Auto parts that you can use in vehicle upgrade. There are around 11 combat vehicles in Rage 2, if you want to know more about them then read our Rage 2 All Combat Vehicle List, Stats & Call-In Cost – Guide.