How to Unlock Primal Ancient Items in Diablo III

This is the best you can get

Looking for the best item you can get in Diablo III? Then you are on the right page, Primal Ancient Items are the best rare items you can get in the game. The legendary or even rare items can empower to tear down enemies at high difficulty. They are not easy to unlock but this guide will help you to find and unlock Primal Ancient Items in Diablo 3.

It is obvious to take down the strongest enemies you will need high-quality gear and equipment. Without these you cannot progress further, Primal Ancient Items falls in the rare category and are unlocked if you are ready to face challenges. They are the best items you can ever get in Diablo III. So here is how you can unlock them.

Where to find Primal Ancient Items in Diablo III?

To unlock Primal Ancient items you will have to complete Level 70 Great Rift. It is a very hard Rift in the game that uses Torment 15 difficulty. You cannot complete this rift without having a good gear set, and Level 70 Great Rifts will unlock Primal Ancient item drops only when you can complete it within a time limit. This is a true test of your abilities, even with the best gears completing Level 70 Great Rift is a challenge. So here are some tips on how to complete Diablo III Level 70 Great Rift.

  • Greater Rift requires Rift Key to enter, they are dropped by Guardians in the regular rifts.
  • Try to be on minimum Paragon Level 400 before you plan to enter Level 70 Great Rift.
  • Equip a decent Hellfire Amulet and do not forget to level up using Legendary Gems.

After completing the GR you will be able to unlock Primal Ancient with one character. Later this will be available for others also in the same account only. There are still a lot of limitations in finding these rare items. For example after beating Level 70 GR Season Characters you will unlock the items only for the Season Characters and not for the standard ones. You will have to individually unlock this one by one.

To help you more refer to the video above where you can checkout key abilities, weapons, and armor details as the best example to clear Level 70 Greater Rift in Diablo III. There is a lot of work in choosing the right armor set, picking up the best weapons with the right abilities and finding what works.

It is going to be challenging no doubts but with the right strategy you can clear up Level 70 Greater Rift in Diablo III and unlock Primal Ancient legendary items.