How To Unlock The Navy Revolver In GTA Online

GTA Online has been renowned for giving players some bizarre missions in the past like How To Complete the GTA Online Secret Casino Missions where you basically get drunk and drive around but this mission is peculiar as you for completing this mission you will get a bonus weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The weapon in question in the Navy Revolver and you get this for taking down a murderer. If you want to know how to complete this mission, you will need to read the rest of this guide.

How To Unlock The Navy Revolver In GTA Online and Red Dead Online

The Navy Revolver is one of the most powerful and iconic guns in GTA Online and being on the right side of justice feels good in a sense. All you have to do to kill the Los Santos Slasher is find the clues that lead up to this menace and put an end to his threat once and for all. But finding him can be tricky and this guide will show you exactly where to look for clues in GTA Online.

You will need to check out the map below if you want to find the clues.

los santos slasher clue location
source: gamesradar

Each location marked has clues that the Los Santos Slasher has left behind. Reach these places and look for clues that point towards bloody murder and you will get closer to this menace.

Clue 1 Bloody Handprint

location 1

Get yourself at the Bayview Lodge diner and general store in the Paleto Forest, look for a dirty white colored door underneath a red roof. You will find your first clue here.

Clue 2 Machete

location 2

For the second clue, make your way towards the large farm in Gapeseed. You can find this place just north of Trevor’s airstrip. Look for a barn over here and you should be able to find a machete in the wall.

Clue 3 Severed Hand

location 3

This is one of the most gut-twisting clues but what else can you expect from a murderer, there’s a severed hand that you have to find. It is located near Trevor’s airstrip all you have to do is go to the northwestern side of the airstrip and find a fence with a bit of a gap in it. You should be able to see a couple of tires lying around and among other things, you will find the hand.

Clue 4 Message

location 4

What murderer is complete without a blood-curling message on the wall that should scare you off the trail, well the Los Santos Slasher is a classic and leaves behind a message saying, “Can you find me?”. You can find this clue on the side of the barn that advertises the Cherry Pie in Great Chaparral.

Clue 5 Black Van

Now, this is where things get the most interesting, there are a total of 5 locations that this Black Van can appear and you will need to find this last clue to get your hand on the Los Santos Slasher in GTA Online.

Location 1

location 5 q

Head towards the Palmer Taylor Power Station and look for a rail line southwest of it. You will find a large red storage tank. Check behind it.

Location 2

location 5 b

The black van can also be found by the rail line just underneath the freeway in San Chianski Mountain Range.

Location 3

location 5 c

You will need to get to the rail bridge in Mount Gordo, there will be a bunch of planks lying around and the black van can be spotted here too.

Location 4

Find the river in Ratton Canyon and go northside, you will find a bunch of trees and among them, there can be a black can.

Location 5

location 5 e

You will need to go find the river in Lago Zancudo, southeast of Fort Zancudo. This too is one of the spots where you can find the Black Van.

How to unlock the GTA Online Navy Revolver

Once you have gathered all the clues you will get a text on your phone by the Los Santos Slasher saying, “I’m sick of you sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong! Now I’m not going to lie… what happens next… won’t be nice for you.”

This begins his chase and he will come after you, but there are certain locations and times when he does. You will need to be on the northern part of the island between 7 pm and 5 am in-game time.

Once you spot a red skull on your mini-map, turn around and you will spot the Los Santos Slasher right behind you.

Make sure that you have enough weapons before you go to bring him down as he is a tough cookie and will take multiple shots before dying.

Once he is dead you will get the Navy Revolver and about $50,000 in your account. This will also unlock the GTA Online Navy Revolver Challenge.

How to get the Red Dead Online Lowry’s Revolver

After you have unlocked the Navy Revolver challenge, it is your time to become the murderer but you do not have to cut people up into pieces. To complete the How to unlock the Red Dead Online Lowry’s Revolver all you have to do is kill 50 people with the same pistol.

That’s about it, even NPC counts so just pop over to a densely populated area and start shooting. Once you are done with the 50 kills you will get $200,000 in your account and a pop up stating that an exclusive weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 is now discoverable.

navy location rdr2

To find that gun in Red Dead Redemption 2 you will need to go west from Valentine and reach a bunker sort of an area among the woods. This place will take you down to the cellar and lead you to the den of another serial killer.

On the bench, to the side, you will find a lockbox, open it and you will find the Red Dead Online Lowry’s Revolver and that’s about it. This is all you have to do. Make sure that you check out other guides on GTA Online as well.