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Lords Mobile: How to unlock Limited Challenges?

Here’s how you can unlock the Limited Challenges in Lords Mobile and overstock your inventory with extra resources.

Lords Mobile has various missions to do, enemy bases to destroy, and monsters to hunt, which keeps the players engaged. To make the game even more engaging, the developers came up with these weekly challenges called Limited Challenges. Limited challenges help players obtain rewards that otherwise are relatively difficult to get. One Limited challenge is only available for a week, so be alert if you don’t want to miss out on those extra resources. Let’s dig deeper and find out how you can unlock Limited Challenges in Lords mobile.

How to Unlock Limited Challenges?

Lords Mobile Unlimited Challenge

Limited Challenges are only for players who have completed Skirmish 3. Skirmish 3 is available for players once they have upgraded their Castle to level 5. While unlocking the Limited challenges seems straightforward, the actual task is to complete the challenge as only then players will get the rewards. You can find the Limited challenges right next to your Castle.

There are multiple stages in a Limited challenge. Players get rewards for completing each stage and significant rewards once they complete all of them. Keep in mind you have to complete all the stages in a given time (usually a week). From gems to paid heroes, there are new rewards for completing every new Limited Challenge.

Players can attempt these stages as many times as they want but won’t be given rewards if already earned. Some states have specific conditions, enhancing the competitiveness of the challenge. There are some rewards for just logging in every day, like the mystery eggs. It is self-evident how rewarding Limited challenges are, and when exploited to their limits, these challenges can be used as an opportunity to zoom past your friends.

Some limited challenges made the Witch doll available for players to unlock. Witch doll is a paid hero, so these challenges help you blur the gap among players of all kinds. As of now, players can unlock Seiya Pegasus by completing all the stages of the Limited Challenge.

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