How to Unlock Launch Boosters in Journey to the Savage Planet

By Raaj
2 Min Read

Launch Boosters are part of Backpack upgrades in Journey to the Savage Planet, and they will be unlocked by visiting the Launch Booster Shrine. You can track down the shrine in the main mission Up, Up and Away. It begins right after defeating Cragclaw Boss and collecting fluid for Bombegranate Stabilizer. The wall behind the Bombegranate Shrine will give you access to the Tower Entrance and there is a Fast Travel point on the right that will take you new location The Itching Field from where you will begin your journey of unlocking Launch Boosters in Journey to the Savage Planet. There is no boss fight here, but a small puzzle to activate the shrine.

How to unlock Launch Boosters in Journey to the Savage Planet

From the Itching Fields follow the objective marker and you will reach The Festering Chasm. You will finally reach an area of the floating island. One of them has a shrine. Use the grapple and jump thrusters to cover bigger distances. When you reach the shrine you will see it is not working. There is no fluid in it, that is because the extractor behind the shrine is jammed by Amber armor.Journey to the Savage Planet Launch Booster Shrine

Look the left side for floating rock, it has a grapple point. Climb up and continue walking left, there are some rocks covered in Amber armor along with the extractor. Look for a green plant behind the extractor, grab the green goo from it and throw it on the amber. It will melt and the extractor mechanism will start working.

Return back to the Launch Booster Shrine and collect the sample. You will also require 100 carbon and 200 silicon to craft the Launch Booster Backpack upgrade in Journey to the Savage Planet.