How To Unlock Infinite Ammo In Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is filled with hordes of flesh-eating zombies just waiting to make you their dinner and you can’t expect anything less in a game where the entire city has gone rabid with a zombie virus. To add insult to agony you will have enemies far greater than just your regular zombies as if they weren’t enough to deal with in the first place. So as you are trapped inside the Racoon Police Department, the more aid you can accumulate the better it is and we have found a way to have infinite ammo. It’s just that there a small hitch to it.

Tips To Get Unlimited Ammo:

The game will constantly keep you on your toes with it’s haunting audio and gameplay. The best thing this game does is it never lets you feel as if you are alone or even safe which adds to the quality and in order to reg rid off a zombie you will have to pop their heads off, which can take multiple shots and drain up your ammo, but with this guide you can learn how to get infinite ammo but like all good things in life this too comes at a price.

See the developers want you to get these achievements and they haven’t added silly button combinations which take ages to memorize, what they have done instead is constructed a couple of challenges which when completed you shall receive unlimited amounts of lead and steel to help you in your post-apocalyptic zombie adventure.

Unlock Unlimited Ammo For Samurai Edge Handgun

To unlock Infinite Ammo for the Samurai Edge Handgun, all you need to do is complete the game in Standard Mode under 3 hours and 30 minutes, and if you think this is hard it only gets more challenging from here.

If you like slashing zombies and driving the knife into their cold and dead hearts you will want to know how to unlock the Combat Knife which you can use infinitely, all you have to do is just find and destroy all 15 of the Mr. Raccoons toys. They are annoying as it is and its better if you just destroy them.

Unlock Unlimited Ammo for Sub-Machine

If you like going Gung-Ho on zombies and fill them with led using your sub-machine gun then you can do this too but you will need to get good at the game before you do it because you will have to complete the game in under 2:30 hours on the Hardcore difficulty with S Rank.

Unlock Unlimited Ammo for Rocket Launcher

If you loved the rocket launcher at the end of the game and are wishing if you had more of it you can unlock infinite ammo for it by Playing with Leon and pulling out an S+ Rank with no more than 3 manual saves throughout the game.

If you use Claire and achieve the same task you stand the chance to unlock infinite ammo for the Minigun. You’ll be glad you got this one though but getting it won’t be easy.

It will be a tough task to get everything on this list, almost impossible gamers have achieved great feats against all odds.