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How to unlock Finishing Touch in Destiny 2

Finish off your Enemy in Style

Do you want to unlock Finishing Touch in Destiny, there here is an exact way to do the same. Shadowkeep DLC in Destiny 2 adds Finishing Touch and in this guide, you can find a walkthrough on how to get Finishing Touch in Destiny 2 Dawning.

How to unlock Finishing Touch in Destiny 2

Finishing off allows you to end your enemies in style and instantly. So this a new thing you must try in Destiny 2 to unlock Finishing Touch enter the game and locate some enemies. You have to end using Finishing Move. To one to your loadout go to the Inventory and check in the secondary menu. When you perform a finishing move you will there are maxed chances the enemy will drop a Finishing Touch, so you just have to grab it.

Finishing Blows are limited to one enemy at a time, that means if they dodge or if there are more enemies you will become vulnerable to their attacks. Just be ready to find an isolated enemy and perform a finishing move to unlock the sweet holiday reward. The method to unlock is simple attack an enemy with Finishing blow and checkout the drops by the enemies.

It will drop randomly after taking down enemies, one important tip attack with Finishing blow when enemies’ health is low. Shoot down a few bullets to reduce health and then perform the blow to unlock more Finishing Touch in Destiny 2.