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How to Unlock Expedition Mode In Control – Free DLC

New Free Challenging Game Mode

Control game just got an amazing free Expedition mode that offers you a long hours of challenging gameplay putting all your abilities to test. Do you want to know how to unlock Expedition mode in Control then this guide is for you. More like a Survival Mode, the free Expedition Mode put in a series of non-stop events where you have to keep fighting incoming enemies at the Black Quarry Threshold. But there is an condition to unlock Expedition mode in Control. Also you will need to find Jukebox Token to unlock this new mode, read below on where to find the Jukebox Tokens in Control.

How to unlock Expedition Mode in Control


First Run the latest updates, the current one that adds Expedition mode in control is of 2GB in size.  Expedition is a challenging mode where Jesse simply runs around Black Rock Quarry Threshold to fight Hiss. There is an time limit to complete a task.

  1. To unlock Expedition first complete the main mission My Brother’s Keeper. The 6th Main Mission in campaign after which Jesse will unlock the Levitation Ability.
  2. Use Fast Travel Point and return to Central Executive. On the left side of the Elevator there is an old style tape recorder. Play it and you will something about the Jukebox.
  3. Turn around and you will see Arish standing on the right of Fast Travel point. There is a table ahead which has the Jukebox Token. Collect it and you will unlock mission Put the Record On and talk to Arish.
  4. After discussing with Arish, walk towards the Tape Recorder location and go left. Which is the left of Elevator.
  5. Open the door on your right, opposite of security room and you will see the Juke box in a cage. Use the token to unlock it and start the Expedition mode mission.

This is how you can unlock the Expedition mode mission in Control. You will need to find a Jukebox Token first .


How to find Jukebox Tokens in Control?

Jukebox Tokens are rewarded if you complete the following four objectives. You can also craft them at the Fast Travel points which are the Control Points in the game.

  1. Bureau Alerts
  2. Board Countermeasures
  3. Defeating Named Enemies
  4. Complete Expedition Missions


All the four objectives above will unlock new Jukebox Tokens, you will also get some on completing Expedition Missions, depending on the difficulty tier you can unlock a few one and play the challenging mode.

Expedition mode takes place on different island, each island has a different challenge. There are four arenas containing different challenges which are limited by time. Once you pass Expedition, you will need to complete all the four challenges within a time limit. Here are the four challenges of arena.

  • Recover Biometric Logs from Dead Rangers
  • Cleanse Three Broadcast Plates
  • burn Hiss-Corrupted Materia in the Incinerator
  • Receiver Lost Specimen Data


When you complete Expeditions you will earn rare mods and crafting materials. This modes are unique and cannot be obtained outside Expedition mode. You will also unlock a new outfit once you complete Tier 3 of expedition in first time.

How to win in Expedition Mode?

First thing unlock all abilities, and upgrade them as much as possible. Expedition mode is a challenge part of Control where you will be surrounded by tons of enemies, so it is good to go prepared. Also upgrade your service weapons to max and add some good modes to enhance their performance. An Expedition mode last for 25 minutes, if you fail to complete it within the time limited you will be return back to the Creative Sector.

Expedition mode is divided into three tiers, the third one is the toughest one. Each unlock when you complete the previous one.