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How To Unlock Dash Ability In DOOM Eternal

Dodge at lightning speed

Dashing allows you to Dodge at full speed whenever you are in the range of enemy attacks. So it is pretty important to unlock Dash in Doom Eternal. Thankfully you can get this at an early stage of the game but after solving up a very small puzzle. If you are looking forward to unlocking Dash Ability in Doom Eternal then this guide is for you. Read step by step instruction on where exactly you can find this important ability in the game.

Unlock Dash Ability In Doom Internal

Once you are done with the first Mission Hell on Earth, you will be back to your ship. You will be assigned a new objective of repairing the Celestial Locator. Your next portal destination will be Exultia and grab Flame Belch and one Sentinel Crystal. This will trigger the next main objective Configure the Mission Teleporter that will help you to unlock Dash Ability in Doom Eternal. After going through all this follow the steps below to reach the location where you will find the ability to upgrade.

  1. Interact with the ship console to activate the portal.
  2. On Exultia follow the objective marker to reach Novik’s chamber.
  3. Use double jump to grab the pitted walls in front to move forward, and plan your route according to the map.
  4. Also do not forget to grab 1Up on the right of the pitted wall.
  5. Try to reach the other side of the broken bridge, if you are unable to find a way, look for the green dog.
  6. If you are able to reach another building, jump down and then break the wall on the left end.
  7. You will be somewhere outside of the circular buildings. Continue walking and look right for a huge door. Clear the enemies and enter.
  8. Grab Blood Punch, an ability to cause extra damage in a melee attack.
  9. Use your new ability to deal with some enemies and then jump further down.
  10. You will also find a Rune here, a special portal to unlock new abilities.
  11. Now there is quite a long walk until you reach a massive moving wall mechanism. The Dash ability is locked in the center.
  12. To stop this machine, break two chains on top. There is a door with a movable block, run around and use that to climb up.
  13. Look for chains and break the lock on it. There will be three locks to break. Once you are done with it a new chamber will appear with Dash Ability in it.

How to refill Dash in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal Dash Refill Unlock

While you progress you will also unlock Dash Refill ability. You can grab Dash Refill and instantly dash again and cover larger distances. Dash Refill is displayed in the form of yellow icon on the map. If you are unable to dash you can grab the refill and cover-up big distances.

So this is how you will unlock Dash Ability in Doom Eternal. It is a pretty important ability to dodge enemy attacks.