Everspace 2 Crafting Guide: How To Unlock Crafting?

Crafting is not available from the start in Everspace 2. Find out how to unlock crafting in Everspace 2 to create better items and equipment.

Similar to other action-RPGs, crafting is an essential part of Everspace 2. However, you won’t be able to craft items right from the beginning of the game. To make things a bit more challenging and exciting, the developers have kept crafting locked during the initial play. Hence, you will have to first unlock crafting to be able to make stronger items and progress. In this Everspace crafting guide, we will walk you through how to easily and quickly unlock crafting in Everspace 2.

Everspace 2 Guide: How to Unlock Crafting

Unlock Crafting Everspace 2

You can unlock crafting in Everspace 2 by purchasing a Cargo Unit from a local trading outpost. You can easily locate trading outposts as they are scattered across the map. All you need to do is fly around on your spaceship and keep a keen eye for trading outposts. The best thing is that you don’t have to look for any specific outpost as all of them have at least one Cargo Unit up for buying.

Merely purchasing the Cargo Unit will unlock crafting and you will be able to make several valuable items. On top of that, it will also increase your cargo capacity. Hence, all in all, Cargo Unit is an essential item to buy in Everspace 2.

Once you have the item and an empty space in your inventory, selecting the empty space will allow you to craft items. All you need to do is press “R” after selecting the empty inventory slot. This will open up the crafting menu where you can view all the available blueprints. You can then find the ingredients and use the blueprint to craft an item.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock crafting in Everspace 2. While here, ensure reading how to increase inventory space in Everspace 2 so that you always have an empty slot to craft new items whenever needed.