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How To Unlock Charged Pulse Cannon In Rage 2 – GamerTweak

Fire super-heated energy bolts at your enemies and melt faces

Charged Pulse Cannon in Rage 2 is a very powerful weapon that can shoot energy bolts. It can be good enough to take down strong enemies with a few shots, but the problem is Unlocking Charged Pulse Cannon is a time-consuming mission. Below you can read more on the Charged Pulse Cannon upgrades and how to unlock the weapon by finding the ark location.

How To Unlock Charged Pulse Cannon

Charged Pulse Cannon is located in Shrouded Vault Ark in Dunesea region, head to the east side and you will reach a big vault. There are two pipes on its side that lead to another vault. To activate the door to you will have to follow the pipes and destroy reactors in two vault locations. Then return back to the main door unlock it and access the Charged Pulse Cannon.

Level 2 – Unlock it with 250 Feltrite, you can pick from one and each cost 1x Weapon Core Mod.

  • Vent Efficiency: Cooldown faster while in cooldown mode.
  • Emergency Cooling: Significantly speeds up the cooldown after overheating.

Level 3 – Unlock it with 500 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires two weapon mod.

  • Cool Fusion: Lowers the temperature threshold for the Plasma Shots.

Level 4 – Unlock it with 750 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires three weapon mods each.

  • Rapid Fire: Increases the fire rate of the Plasma Shots.
  • Seekers: Shots home in towards targets slightly.

Level 5 – Unlock it with 1000 Feltrite, the below upgrade requires four weapon mods.

  • Weapon Mastery: Fire rate increases gradually while at an optimal temperature.

Charged Pulse Cannon comes with good Damage and Fire Rate, it is also good enough for Power Control but is slow under handling. So it best in a boss fight.