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How to Unlock Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle In Destiny 2

Unlock the Exotic Pulse Rifle

Bad Juju is back in Destiny 2, the gun is pretty similar to one that appears in the previous version of Destiny game and it actually requires a lot of grinding to unlock if you are not having enough materials in your inventory. In this Destiny 2 guide, I will show how to unlock Bad Juju in Destiny 2. Remember the weapon requires you to gather a ton of items if you had played Destiny 2 a lot then probably you will be having it or else you have to keep on playing which might take almost a month to unlock this weapon.

By adding Strings Of Curses exotic catalyst to Bad Juju you can increase the weapon’s strength. A few good things are killing an enemy it will reload the magazine, increase damage for short duration and grants Super Energy.

How To Get Bad Juju In Destiny 2

Guide: How To Unlock Juju in Destiny 2

Go to Nessus Imperial Ship and unlock the Chest that rewards to get Invitation from the Emperor. This will unlock the Tribute Hall and you will get some 5000 glimmers. The chest is on the Nessus Barge nex to Werner.

Guide: How To Unlock Juju in Destiny 2

Go to Tribute Hall and Accept the Invitation from Emperor to unlock the Tribute Hall. After accepting the quest you will unlock Bounties and Tributes section of the Quest. There are Four Daily Bounties, complete at least one of them to get Boon of the Opulence. This will be traded with the big statue in the Tribute hall to unlock the next part of the quest.

You will notice after visiting the statue for the first time the Tributes section is locked, to unlock this you will need to get at least one Tribute. And there is a faster way of getting it but with a price. To speed-up the process of unlocking Bad Juju in Destiny 2 play and complete one of the Tribute Hall Triumphs. It will reward you a Tribute that you can use to unlock the Bad Juju faster. After getting a Tribute by completing one of the Triumphs return back to the Calus statue. Hand over the Tribute in the Tribute Hall and unlock all the other Tributes. They are just unlocked, you have to collect them by playing the next part of the cost.

To save time  Destiny 2 allows you to buy the Tributes. It is an expensive process because unlocking each and every Tribute will require around 10K glimmer per Tribute that makes around a hundred thousand glimmers to get everything. Below is the list of all Tributes and amount of Glimmer + Items required to unlock them. Cost of these tributes can be reduced by 1% delivering Boons of Opulence.

Visage of Calus All Tributes Unlock Cost:

1). Shank Tributes  – A tribute with the power to simulate a nimble Fallen Shank. The first of five available Fallen-themed tributes.

  • Dusklight Shard – 107
  • Glimmer – 11760

2). Thrall Tribute – A tribute with the power to simulate a swift Hive Thrall. The first of five available Hive-themed tributes.

  • Alkane Dust – 107
  • Glimmer – 11760

3). Goblin Tribute – A tribute with the power to simulate a loyal Vex Goblin. The first of five available Vex-themed tributes.

  • Microphasic Datalattice – 107
  • Glimmer – 11760

4). War Beast Tribute – A tribute with the power to simulate a beautiful Cabal War Beast. The first of five available Cabal-themed tributes.

  • Phaseglass Needle – 107
  • Glimmer – 11760

5). Primary Ammo Tribute – A tribute with the power to simulate a Primary ammo cache a commonly valued resource of Earth.

  • Legendary Shards – 254
  • Glimmer – 11760

6). Ghost Tribute – A statuette of a Ghost, the symbiotic external soul of the Guardians of Earth.

  • Bright Dust – 2744
  • Glimmer – 11760

You can see if you are not having enough items and each Bounty rewards you only 1% Boon of Opulence discount. Every day there are four bounties and it would take approx three weeks to reach 80% discount goal. Along with you will also need a lot of resources along with Glimmer to unlock. This is easy for pro players who had spent hours in the game. If you are planning to go by paying with Glimmer and planetary items then avoid going for Ghost Tribute it is the costliest one. Visit the Spider if you are not having enough of these items and buy it to fill your inventory. There are cheaper one the first five that offer you five tributes each unlocking overall 20 of them.

Place the Tributes in the Tribute Hall, by placing around four to five Tributes you will progress in the quest. In next quest, you will have to place four to five tributes in the middle of the room that looks like an alien creature based on Cabal theme. This will unlock the next part of the mission.

Guide: How To Unlock Juju in Destiny 2

Return to the Calus statue and get the final mission. Complete it and return back to the center of the Tribute Hall and open the chest to unlock The Other Side Mission.

  • The Other Side Mission Info: Venture into the Ascendant Plane in search of the essence that Calus described you. Requires Power +350.

Complete the mission by surviving through the waves of attack to reach the final ending where you can collect Bad Juju.

Guide: How To Unlock Juju in Destiny 2

So this is how you can unlock Bad Juju in Destiny 2. The weapon is an amazing stable pulse rifle in the game. If you complete the final mission without dying you will unlock an additional achievement.