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MLB The Show 21: How to Turn off the Pre-Pitch Camera?

Want to speed things up, Read till the end to find out how to turn off the Pre-Pitch Camera in MLB The Show 21.

MLB is undoubtedly the best baseball game on the market at present. MLB is meant for the baseball fans who do want to go out on the pitch but can’t for some reason, It gives them a close-to-reality experience and scratches that itch of playing baseball. Players can also play multiplayer, and with every update making things more realistic, MLB improves year on year. The Pre-Pitch Camera is one such feature, it shows the player interactions in between pitches and all throughout the game. This adds to the realism of the game but slows down the actual game so stick till the end to find out how you can turn off the pre-pitch camera in MLB the show 21.

How to Turn Off the Pre-Pitch Camera?


MLB 2021 Turn off Camera

To turn off the Pre-Pitch Camera you need to go to the main menu and then to the settings, in the Settings tab go to the Presentation tab. In the Presentation tab, you will find the Pitch selection camera frequency option and it will be set to “Always”. Change that “Always” to “none” and start the game again, you won’t have to go through those Camera cuts again. This is especially useful when the player is in a hurry or wants to complete as many matches as they can.

Players playing the Diamond Dynasty mode would also want to turn it off as it will help them to cruise through the mode. The Pre-Pitch Camera makes the experience more immersive so it is recommended to keep them on if quality and experience are your priorities, while players short on time can turn it off. That’s all for this guide if you want to know how to turn the Plate Coverage Indicator on or off do check out the linked article.