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How To Trap The Astral Plane Object in Control Old Boy Find Marshall Objective

Trick to clear Find Marshall Mission

In Main Mission Old Boy of Control game, you will be stuck at one place when you are on your way to Find Marshall. The doors are locked into an experimental room where an Object of Power or some alien type thing is trapped and researched. I am unsure about the exact name, but this so-called Astral Plane cannot be killed or destroyed. It is the most annoying thing in Control game and I have tried many times to destroy it. But it failed to work to clear Find Marshall mission you have to trap that thing and move ahead. Read how you can clear Old Boy Mission easily by trapping the Astral Plane.

How To Complete Find Marshall Mission in Control


As soon as you enter the experimental room you will see a black thing that is constantly destroying things around. If you came in contact with the object it will kill you, there is a loud screaming noise.  To trap you have to first activate the power of huge door in the left side of the room. The object will follow you, so draw it little far and then place the power cubes to activate the door controls.

Find Marshal Mission Walkthrough

After the door is activated draw the object towards you, and there is a door on the left side, use that to return back to the main room and hit the button on the console to trap it. You have to stay inside for a while to let the thing come near you and then run use, energy to dash fast for speeding up your reach towards the main control or else it will come out back in the center of the room.


To ease this you can also go through the Find Marsh Video Walkthrough above.