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How To Throw Frag Grenades & Set Shock Grenade Trap In Gears 5

Time for some explosives

Explosives are out-most important during combat in Gears 5, it will let you to take down multiple enemies instantly and also kill stronger one. During the Boot Camp we found two types of Grenades in Gears 5, the first on is regular Frag Grenade the explodes and has a decent radius and second is a Shock Grenade. This one can be use as a trap to take down multiple enemies so that you can kill them with a Execution. So lets begin with our Gears 5 Explosive guides on how to use grenades.

How To Use Frag Grenades In Gears 5


Press E to interact with the Frags to collect Grenades. You can carry around four at a time. After this you select the Grenade to use, on PC it is simple by pressing Number Key 4. While on Xbox you have to press B. There are two ways of using a Frag Grenade, first by throwing it on the spot you want and second using a Blind Throw.

To Blind Throw grenade, first take cover by pressing Space key and then wait for the enemies to approach you. The grenade has a good radius so not far enough throw it on the exact spot by adjusting the camera and boom. Second way is by pressing the Mouse Left Click first to cook the grenade and adjusting your throw angle. a Blue line appears that will tell you the spot where it can land and then press Mouse Right Click to release the Frag Grenade on enemy. Adjust the location properly, grenades will be limited in the game, so use it on stronger enemies or for crowd control.


How To Use Shock Grenade Trap in Gears 5

Another form of explosive in Gears 5 is a Shock Grenade, ideal to dry out enemies health this grenade can be placed on walls. It will create a electric shock wave causing high damage to single or multiple enemies whoever are in the range. Shock Grenade is an ideal weapon to use when you find yourself trap or if enemies are following you. It can give you the right window to dry out enemies health and then just one bullet to kill.

Pro Tip: 


  • While using a weapon on enemy watch the corsair carefully, it changes colors to red. This means it is the weakest spot for example the head. If you shoot on weak spots enemies will die faster.