How To Target Limbs In WWE 2K24 – Answered

Wondering how to Target a Limb, or any other specific body of your opponent in WWE 2K24? Here’s everything you need to know.

If you want to secure an easy pinfall over your opponent in WWE 2K24 then targeting Limbs can be a good strategy. How? Well, damaging your opponent’s hands will make them do less damage. On the other hand, damaging their legs will slow them down. Similarly, going for the head and torso will cause fatigue and force their shoulders to stay down until the three count. Unfortunately, there’s no such mechanic that can help you go after a specific body part yet. But thanks to the Wrestler’s striking and grappling moves, it is possible to target body parts.

In this guide, we will explain how you can easily Target Limbs in WWE 2K24. Plus, we will also tell you how to damage other body parts like the head and torso.

Here’s How to Target Limbs in WWE 2K24

Targeting Limb in WWE 2K24
Using Becky Lynch’s Disarm-Her move to Target Limbs in WWE 2K24. Image Credits to TheLegendKiller

Several Superstars in WWE 2K24 have moves that focus on certain body parts. For example, if you specifically want to target the legs, then Kurt Angle’s Ankle Lock can help you do that. Similarly, Becky Lynch’s Disarm-Her can help you target the arms of an opponent. While these are all Finishers, you can also use normal moves to target Limbs in WWE 2k24.

The best way to damage Limbs is by using grapple moves on an opponent who’s lying on the mat. Once your opponent is down on the mat, walk to their arms or legs and then press B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation to grab them. After that, you can press X/A or Square/X to perform a move.

How to Target Limbs in WWE 2K24
Damaging a downed opponent in WWE 2K24. Image Credits to EspacioNX

You can also reach out to the arms and legs of a downed opponent and press X on Xbox and Square on PS to perform a Light Attack. Spamming can damage the nearby limb and make it go from Yellow to Red in no time.

That’s all you can do to Target Limbs in WWE 2K24. Just make sure that you are able to dodge or reverse the incoming attacks. Or else, you can be one with damaged limbs. Aside from this, if you want to treat yourself to some free rewards, then be sure to check out our guide on Locker Codes.