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How To Stun Enemies, Kick & Execute Them By Knife In Gears 5

Time for some fist fight

With weapon and explosives, you will have to deal with some fist fights in Gears 5, there will be various types of enemies around especially when you choose to go slow in stealth you have to learn these Gears 5 pro melee tips. You can stun enemies or kick them behind a object, and that triggers a knife execution. Which means instant death, and this is called as  Yank. In this Gears 5 melee combat guide you will learn important melee tips to take down enemies in stealth.

How To Kick and Stun Enemies – Gears 5 Yank Tips


For melee when you are near to an enemy press F, to hit them. You can also execute any down enemy with the same F key. Yank is bit different move. If you found a single enemy standing behind a object, you can instantly go near and pull them towards you, and press F to execute them instantly. To do this first stay in cover and let the enemy near somewhere near you. Use W or E to adjust your position and then press UP to pull them in. Use the space key here. Once you are able to perform Yank successfully you will see the Knife Execution sign, press F instantly to take down the target.

Another melee combat tip is Mantle Kick. Here first take cover and then press W and Space to jump over the cover and kick a enemy standing behind it. A fast an easy way to distract an enemy completely before it shoots you. This move will also stun the enemy and trigger Knife Execution.


Enemies can also use Mantle kicks on you, if you are spotted they will try jumping over your cover and kicking you out. Instantly press F to counter this move. That’s it practice these moves in the boot camp, it will help you a lot in dealing with stronger enemies or when you are surrounded.