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How To Steal From The Tool Shop In Link’s Awakening

Stealing has consequences

Zelda Link’s Awakening is here and with it brings back memories of the old game when it was first released. The game has tons of items which you can purchase but if you’re in a crunch and don’t have enough Rupees you can always steal items from the tool shop. This guide will show you how to steal items from the tool shop.

Stealing items in Link’s Awakening


Stealing items is not recommended but sometimes you will find yourself without any other alternative or you if you just want to mess around you can steal from the tool shop.

First, you will have to visit the Tool Shop in Mabe Village, here you can find items like Bombs, the Bow and Arrow, Heart Containers, and more which you can buy with Rupees.

As you walk inside, find the item you wish to steal and interact with the item by pressing B. This will make Link hold the item above your head. The shopkeeper will always have his eyes on you.


Use this to your advantage, instead of just running out the door, simply run in circles around the shopkeeper until he gets dizzy.

When he can no longer keep up with you, make your exit and you will have successfully stolen the item from the Tool Shop.

Consequences of Stealing


There are consequences to stealing however if you have stolen from the shop and return to it. The shopkeeper will cast a powerful spell on you which is strong enough to take you down with one hit no matter how many hearts you have.

You can though manually save before reentering the shop and continue the adventure even if you get zapped by the shopkeeper.

You can use this technique to get the Bow and Arrow in the game which costs around 980 Rupees.


This is all there is to know about how to steal from the Tool Shop in Link’s Awakening.