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How To Start A New Game & Start As A New Agent In Division 2

Tips Play From The Beginning

The Division 2 gives you options to start a new game whenever you want with a brand new agent, so if you don’t want to mess with your current progress then it is always possible to have a few new agents in the list. In this Division 2 guide, you will learn about How To Start A New Game, or How To Create A New Agent in Division 2 in simple steps. By starting a new agent you can explore unexplored terrifies, but remember everything will be from scratch. You have to level up, craft, save strongholds, etc. You can create maximum four Agents in Division 2.

How To Create A New Agent or Start A New Game

Creating a New Agent in Division 2 is the same as starting a new game from the beginning. For this launch Division 2 and from the main menu press R2 on console and RT on PC. The last option is a New Agent. The screen will shift to an agent silhouette, select the new agent option and press X to start. After a short while, you will see a menu to pick Body Type.

To save time you can press Square to Randomize the character or if you want to make the character look as per your choice then just press X to continue. Next you will see a serious of different options to adjust Appearance, Markings and Outfits. Select Confirm Character and you are good to go in the open world.

How To Switch Between Agents

You cannot switch instantly, all game data is saved separately on different profiles. So nothing is messed up here. To pick the new character or to play as the old just go to the main game menu, follow the below steps.

  • Press Options from PS4 Controllers
  • Press Triangle to log out and then X to confirm.
  • From the main menu Press L2 & R2 to toggle between agents.

This is how you can start a new game in or create a new agent in the game in The Division 2. Enjoy playing the game.

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