How To Speak & Find Henry Hayes – Division 2 Guide

Working Tips To Find And Talk To The NPC

Henry Hayes is an important NPC in The Division 2 and from time to time you will have to interact with him. Users are complaining about unable to talk to Henry Hayes or unable to unlock the shipping container door where he stays. In this The Division 2 Henry Hayes Location Guide we will try to sort the issue, you can get the location and also a tip on how to talk to him. This can possibly be a bug so you have to keep re-visiting him.

Henry Hayes Location – Campus Settlement

Henry Hayes is located at The Campus, you have to look for a shipping container, he is either outside or inside. If you are unable to unlock the door or cannot speak to him complete all four story missions and return back.

If you are unable to find him or having an issue while talking then there is one more thing to do. Complete all the side missions, main mission, and control points. Finish up all the activities and restart the game and then walk towards the settlement instead of using a Fast Travel.

One thing that we are sure about is completing all the four story missions which will definitely work. Walk towards the table of Henry Hayes and you will see 4 missions. Once you progress to the settlement to 4 you will be able to talk to him.

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