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How To Skip Battles In Pokemon Masters

Want to break?

In Pokemon Masters you will be constantly be called upon for battles as the game heavily relies on the battling aspect Pokemon and not much else, these battles can sometimes take a lot of time and you’d wish there was a way to skip these. This guide will show you how to skip battles in Pokemon Masters.

How To Skip Battles In Pokemon Masters

There are other ways you can speed up the battles or just cancel the animations but if you wish to simply walk away from a battle you will need to do the following steps.

You will need to open the main menu which looks like a small PDA device at the lower right bottom screen of your phone.

  1. Once there, you will need to tap on Settings which will take you to the Settings page.
  2. In the Settings menu, search for the button that which shows two pokeballs just above the Close button.
  3. Here you can turn on the Auto Mode, Accelerated Auto Mode, Super Fast Battle Speed and Skip Battle Animations to speed up your battles.

This is all there is to know how to skip battles in Pokemon Masters, make sure to check out other guides on Pokemon Masters as well.