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How To Show Ping In League of Legends

Do you wish to know how to show ping in League of Legends? Check it out right here

Showing ping in League of Legends will help your teammates know of ongoing technical issues if any and at the same time will show you your connection with the server and the delay. If you wish to know how to do this, make sure to read the rest of this guide.

How To Show Ping In League of Legends


To show ping in League of Legends, all you have to do is press “Ctrl + F”. This will show you your frames in the game as well as the ping in MS to you on the top right side of the screen. Knowing your ping will help you calculate your steps and how to approach the game, and if you have massive ping your teammates can take the call accordingly and take action.


You can even turn off the ping and fps numbers by pressing “Ctrl + F” again. It is additional info that you can use to your advantage, this will help you if you’re already good at the game.


If you’re simply playing against bots or are just starting out in League of Legends, it won’t be that necessary at the start of your experience.

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But knowing how to show ping and fps numbers in the game will give you the ease of checking the performance of your internet service provider.


If you’re getting a high number, you can try to change the server that is closest to you, and hopefully, this will solve your problems.

You can even try to change your DNS Server to that of google default. This will help you to get a lesser ping and have the server and your machine communicate faster.

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