Rise of the Ronin: How to Sheath Your Weapon (Sword Chiburi)

Learn the essential techniques to sheath your weapon in Rise of the Ronin and master the art of Chiburi. Regain Ki by the way of a samurai.

In this article, we’ll explore how to sheath your weapon in Rise of the Ronin, an important feature to learn when playing as a Samurai (a Rōnin in this case). A true Samurai knows that the art of combat goes beyond flashy moves and powerful strikes; it also involves mastering the discipline of sheathing your weapon.

To sheath your weapon in “Rise of the Ronin,” you must press a combination of buttons. While many players don’t have the exact button configuration, it’s common in many games for this action to be mapped to one of the controller’s face buttons or a directional pad input.

Also, no specific in-game tutorial or guide provides the exact instructions. Even checking the game’s control settings in the options menu doesn’t give you the precise input to sheath your weapon.

How to Sheath Your Weapon in Rise of the Ronin (Chiburi Guide)

When role-playing as a Samurai, sheathing your weapon shows respect and discipline and signals your ability to remain calm and composed amidst the chaos. To sheath your weapon in Rise of the Ronin, follow these simple steps:

  1. After engaging in combat or exploring the world with your weapon drawn, press and hold R1 on your controller.
  2. While holding R1, press R3 (the right analog stick) to initiate the sheathing animation.
  3. Your character will then sheath their weapon, and you can explore the world or interact with characters without drawing unnecessary attention.

Sheathing your weapon is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of Rise of the Ronin and maintain a low profile when not engaged in combat. Don’t forget that you can quickly unsheathe your weapon again by pressing R1+R3, ensuring that you’re always ready to face any threats that come your way.

How to Sheath Your Weapon in Rise of the Ronin

Understanding the Concept of Chiburi in Rise of the Rōnin

In the context of the Japanese swordsmanship found in Rise of the Ronin, it’s essential to understand the concept of Chiburi. Chiburi is a traditional technique used to remove blood from a sword blade symbolically, passed down through various martial arts schools, including Iaido, Kendo, and Kenjutsu.

The term Chiburi (血振るい) consists of two kanji characters: 血 (chi), meaning “blood,” and 振るい (buri), which can be translated as “to shake off” or “to flick.” The process of Chiburi is deeply rooted in the samurai culture and is often performed as a sign of respect, discipline, and maintaining the cleanliness of the blade.

In Rise of the Ronin, you can perform Chiburi by executing the Blade Flash technique. This technique involves shaking off the blood from your sword after an attack. This action cleans your weapon and restores your Ki (stamina), allowing you to continue fighting efficiently.

Another way to perform Chiburi in the game is by sheathing your sword after combat. This action also cleans the blade and helps you regain Ki. As you immerse yourself in the world of Rise of the Ronin, mastering the art of Chiburi will enable you to uphold the honor and traditions of a true samurai warrior while effectively managing your stamina during intense battles.

Chiburi in Ghost of Tsushima Vs. Rise of the Rōnin

In Ghost of Tsushima, another popular samurai-themed game, Chiburi plays a significant role in gameplay and narrative. Like Rise of the Ronin, Chiburi in Ghost of Tsushima symbolizes respect for one’s weapon and maintaining its cleanliness. The game’s protagonist, Jin Sakai, performs Chiburi to flick blood off his sword after engaging in combat.

In Ghost of Tsushima, players have two ways to perform Chiburi. The first method is automatic when the player stands idle, prompting Jin to sheathe his sword and clean it. The second method involves manually stowing the sword by pressing a dedicated button, which triggers a visually impressive Chiburi animation.

The attention to detail in Chiburi in both Ghost of Tsushima and Rise of the Ronin highlights the importance of this ritual in samurai culture. Mastering the art of Chiburi adds an extra layer of authenticity to your experience. It is also a practical way to manage your character’s stamina and maintain their weapon.

Including Chiburi in games like Rise of the Ronin and Ghost of Tsushima allows players to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of the samurai and appreciate the intricate details that bring these virtual worlds to life.

That’s everything you need to know about how to sheath your weapon in Rise of the Ronin. If this guide helped you, check out our video game guides for more exciting topics in all the latest popular games, like Dragon’s Dogma 2.