How To Sheath Weapon In Dauntless – PC, PS4 & Xbox One Controls

Learn how to sheath your weapon to sprint

It is necessary to sheath Weapon in Dauntless because it is connected to an important defensive move that can help you either to charge or escape a enemies attack. If you are playing without sheathing your weapon you will lose stamina. Without stamina, you cannot sprint in the game, so it has a kind of bad effect on the entire gameplay. In this Dauntless guide learn how to sheath your weapon in Dauntless on PC, PS and Xbox One.

How To Sheath Weapon In Dauntless

On PC to sheath a weapon press X, on PS4 and Xbox One press the right Joystick to the sheath and unsheath the weapon. When your weapon is sheathed you can sprint unlimited times, if not then your stamina will start draining and after a short while you cannot sprint at all.

Use proper timing to the sheath and unsheath the weapon, for example, press the proper key to sheath and attack. Unsheath and return back to the combat as usual. It is necessary to preserve stamina in the game. With sprinting you can move fast and it will save you time when you are tracking down your target. Also while fighting a behemoth who attacks range is high you can dodge away fast using the spring movement.

Another important defensive movement is dodging, press Space on PC, B on Xbox One and Circle on PS4 to Dodge instantly and use the combination of sprinting to maintain a good distance or plan an attack on the target.