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How To Set A Spawn Point In Minecraft

Respawn Easily

Minecraft is filled with unexpected surprises at every turn you take, you can come up against all sorts of monsters to other players, the game is filled with peril and you will need to have a spawn point when you resurrect back after dying. This guide will show you how to set a spawn point in Minecraft.

Spawn points basically are the last location where you would like to return to the game to, which you get to decide. You may end up being dead in Minecraft as there are tons of things out there waiting to get you. Spawn points let you come back to the game from a set place in the game.


How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

The first and easiest method to have a set spawn point in Minecraft is to sleep on a bed. Once you go to sleep on a bed this becomes your set spawn point, this means that no matter where you end up dying this bed will be the place where you will continue the game from.

It is important that you carry a bed with you when you are out on an adventure which will at least give you the option of saving wherever you seem fit. Once you have the bed set all you need to do is right-click if you are on a PC, LT/L2/LZ on the console and switch to sleep. This will automatically set as the next spawn point.


Spawnpoint Command

If you have cheats enabled you can also give commands that will set a new spawn point but doing so will disable you from earning any achievements in the game.

On PC you will need to do the following.


Open Game Menu, find and click Open to LAN, find and switch the toggle of ‘Allow Cheats’ to On and then create your world.

On Xbox One you will need to do the following.

Select Play from the main menu, click on Create New, and go over to the Game Settings Screen and select Game from the Edit Settings sidebar. Once you have done this, you can scroll down until you find the toggle for ‘Activate Cheats’ and turn it on.


Once you have these cheats on, press T on PC or right on the D-Pad of your Xbox One console to open the Chat Window.

Once there simply type /spawn point and this will be set as your new spawn point. You can even spawn particular spawn points for particular players by typing [player] and [spawnPos] syntaxes after /spawnpoint in the chat window, you can even use the X, Y, and Z coordinates to set a different spawn point anywhere you like.

This is all there is to know about how to set a spawn point in Minecraft.