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How to Save Game In Gears 5 – Tips to Save Game Progress

Do not loose your progress

Gears 5 has been one of the best entry in the Gears of War series and has brought with it tons of new options but every once in a while you will wish to take a break and wonder how to save your progress in Gears 5.

How to Save in Gears 5


Unfortunately, there is no manual save option in Gears 5 which will let you save where you exactly are, as plenty other games in this generation Gears 5 uses autosave and will keep track of your progress by itself.

Every major event that you complete, will result in a quicksave by the game itself and these include chapters, the moment immediately following cutscenes, and the beginning and end of levels respectively.

Gears 5 will indicate you that it is saving by showing The Coalition symbol above the checkpoint in the bottom left of the screen.


Though the fact that there is no manual save option Gears 5 makes sure that it frequently keeps track of your progress and saves every time it thinks the game has reached a significant point so that you do not miss out on anything.

This is all there is to know about how to save in Gears 5.