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How To Restore Your Health In Gears 5 – Revive Yourself Instantly

Down but not Out

When you are shot and start loosing health you will see a thick red gear on the entire screen, this is a kind of health indicator in Gears 5. The more thicker it gets the lower you have health left and finally when there is nothing you fall on the ground. In Gears 5 you will have some die after completely loosing your health. There are two ways to get back in the game, first finding a Teammate who can revive you instantly and second reviving yourself. In this Gears 5 Health guide you can learn about revival.

How To Revive Your Health In Gears 5


After loosing health your character will start crawling on the ground. If you are alone, then keep hitting the Space Bar to revive your self back. You will need a good point to hide here, some object to cover you from attacks. So you can crawl all the way using WASD keys on PC. Use the same movement keys to reach near to an teammates and ask to revive you.

Keep pressing the space bar, and with that also keep moving. Try to find a safe point so that you can wait for someone to come, or you can usually hit the Space to restore your health back. Revival takes few seconds if a teammate is around, it does not require time at all. So you can instantly jump back into the game.