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How to Restore Health Chunks In Hunt Showdown PS4

Important Survival Tips

In Hunt Showdown you will have three slabs of Health Chunks. This means you will lose the mission if all three are lost. But there is a way to restore Health Chunks in Hunt Showdown and for this, you will need to do what is provided in this guide. If you are able to save yourself before getting downed your health and stamina will be restored automatically. You just need a safe space to stand or else you can use Vitality boost or Medkit by pressing Square to restore. Here are tips on how to save and restore your Health Chunks in Hunt Showdown PS4.

How to restore Health Chunks in Hunt Showdown?

If you are attacked by a monster or an enemy and completely downed that means one of the three health chunks is empty. Here only a teammate can revive you back into the game. If you see at the bottom center of the screen from three health chunks only two are left. If all three are gone that means if you are downed for three times you will be kicked out. The best way to restore your health chunks in Hunt Showdown is by initiating a banishing ritual. For which you will have to find all three clues and then locate the boss monster. Kill the boss start the banishing ritual which is a kind of final part of your contract.

When you initiate a banishing ritual in Hunt Showdown PS4 your location will be exposed on the map. This means other players can now hunt you down, but you have all your health chunks back so you can fight your way out. You can also restore Health Chunks using Upgrade Points outside the mission. But this is a secondary part, a free way to get back all your health bars is initiating the banishing ritual. It is tough but possible.

Partially depleted Health bars are stored automatically, but to restore a fully depleted one use Vitality Shots or Medkits or health station.

How to save Health Chunks in Hunt Showdown PS4?

You can try saving your health chunks in many ways. First, if you are getting attacked by a monster like Immolator, he will set you on fire. Do not go for melee her, it is necessary you spot him from distance. By shooting he will explode and die. But if you fail doing run around and press Square to stop the fire. Do the same for bleeding also. There are Vitality Shot and Medkits you can use by accessing the item wheel when you hold Square. Use them instantly if there is not enough health left in a chunk.

Hunt Showdown PS4 Restore Health Bar

Hunt Showdown PS4 is a challenging game, best played with a friend. The co-op helps you to fight monsters in the team, especially in the P-v-E-v-P mode where the player first becomes the hunter and then he is hunted down.

So this is how you can restore Health Chunks in Hunt Showdown PS4, I hope this tip helps you.