How to Rest and Sleep in Soulmask

You need to craft a bed, a grass mat and a bathtub to rest in Soulmask and here’s what you need to make them.

In Soulmask, there’s no traditional sleep mechanic where your character closes their eyes and the in-game time moves forward. Instead, resting refers to recovering your character’s morale, which functions similarly to health. Basically, it represents their overall well-being and motivation and here’s how to improve your character’s morale by resting and sleeping.

How to Increase Morale by Resting and Sleeping in Soulmask

  • Campfires: Build a Campfire using resources like x5 Fiber, x5 Branch and x5 Stone. It provides a passive morale regen effect which can come in handy. Keep it fueled to maintain the buff. Followers can also tend the fire for you.
  • Bonfires: You can also build a Bonfire with x10 Branch. The optional items are x1 Stone, x10 Flint, x1 Log or x20 Hardwood.
  • Wait it Out: Simply not performing actions that drain morale will allow it to recover slowly over time.
  • Avoid High Morale Drain: Stay out of combat and avoid strenuous activities when your morale is low. Even being out in extreme hot or cold weather can take a toll.
  • Sleep: Construct a bed to provide comfort to your character so they can rest and sleep in Soulmask.

How to Make a Bed in Soulmask

materials needed to craft bed in soulmask
Image credit: Dj dragon on Youtube

The required materials to craft a bed are x20 Thatch and x4 Thick Ropes. Optional materials are x10 Planks, x10 Hardwood Planks or x10 Premium Hardwood Planks. You can hand craft it once you have learned the Basic Carpentry Technique (Technology) in Basic Carpentry – Tier 2 from the Campfire era.

How to Make a Grass Mat

grass mat to rest in soulmask
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You can craft a Grass Mat from Basic Building under Campfire and it requires x5 Thatch and x2 Thick Rope. Once this is done, you can place it either inside your base or slightly outside, near the bonfire. This is a slow process of gaining morale back, especially compared to a bed.

grass mat unlock in the technology
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Thatch are plants that you can find while exploring, while Thick Rope can be Handcrafted from x3 Vines.

How to Make a Bathtub

A Bathtub also helps to increase morale and here’s how you can craft one:

  • You need x30 Hardwood Plank, x20 Stone Brick, x20 Clay, and x10 Bronze Ingots to build a Bathtub at the Building Workshop. Resting in this will give your character a much-needed morale boost.
bathtub to rest and recover morale
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Things to keep in mind:

  • If your morale gets too low, your character will be slowed down. This will affect your overall effectiveness in combat and other activities, like performing tasks for your base’s development. This is true for your tribesmen as well.
  • While your character recovers, you can use the time to manage your inventory, craft items, or explore with other characters.
  • While it might not be a traditional sleep system, Soulmask’s mechanic encourages you to strategically manage your party and downtime to keep your characters functioning well.

And this is everything you can build to rest and sleep in Soulmask to effectively increase morale. By keeping an eye on morale and taking steps to improve it, you can ensure a smooth-running camp and a happy, productive tribe in Soulmask.

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