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How to Respec in FF7 Remake – Tips To Reset Weapon Upgrades

Unhappy with your character, this is how you can reset everything.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake features an extensive character stats and weapon upgrade mechanism. With an array of items to increase core aspects like Damage, Magic, Healing, etc sometime you may feel it is not enough. Or if you want to better then Respec Mechanism is there to help. FF7 Remake supports an option for resetting Weapon Upgrades. To use this feature that unlocks early, you will have to meet an NPC. Similar to other NPC’s like Weymer that gives you new Quests, there is one that will help you to reset weapons. So here is our guide on how to respect in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How to Respec in Final Fantasy VII Remake


To respect your character stat in FF7 Remake, you will have to unlock Sector 7 slums. This is a place that has a ton of activities, you will also unlock item shop, side quest, weapon store, etc. Sector 7 Slum is available after Cloud and the team destroys the first Mako Reactor. Team Avalanche reaches the slum and the first place you will visit is Tifa’s bar. Next day Tifa will help you in exploring the Residential Area, where after completing a few objectives you will meet Chadley.

Chadley is a young boy who is standing next to Weymer near the Item Shop. Talk to him and you will start unlocking new Materia’s. This is the same NPC who will give you access to respec your weapon stat. Chadley also acts as a vendor, you can buy new Materia from the boy.

He is also available in Sector 5 Slums, by paying 100 Gil you can reset your Weapon stats and start building a new custom loadout. Just talk to Chadley and you will see the option right on the screen. Respecing weapon is useful when you have a different loadout in your mind. If there was an option to save loadouts, it would be easier to manage.


This is how you can respect or reset weapon upgrades in Final Fantasy VII Remake.