Unicorn Overlord: How To Recruit Hilda

Hilda is one of the recruitable units that you will come across while fighting the enemies. In tactical RPGs like Unicorn Overlord, you will often find the need to recruit new characters that you encounter. One such character, Hilda, can be seen while you head deep into Drakenhold. If you are looking to recruit Hilda in Unicorn Overlord, this guide will provide you with the requirements.

Firstly, the player must have rescued and recruited her sister, Primm. Primm is a Cleric unit you will meet during The General in Black quest early on in Drakenhold. Once you do that, it will be just a matter of time and some effort before you can get to Hilda. She is a part of the Champion of Order quest, and you can recruit her while you complete it.

How to Recruit Hilda in Unicorn Overlord

Once you begin the Champion of Order quest, Primm will ask you to take her to her sister so they can talk. You must take Primm to battle since you want to recruit Hilda in Unicorn Overlord. Reaching Hilda might be tedious, considering that she is surrounded by units that you need to fight. However, since you need to find her, you can head to the left side of the map and look for her near a fort.

Once Primm speaks with Hilda, she will still insist on fighting you. Now that you have cleared the quest, you will have to talk to Hilda in the overworld right next to where you fought with her to finish recruiting her. Although the fight will be tricky, you can beat the Wyvern Knight quickly.

That’s all you will need to recruit Hilda in Unicorn Overlord. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Game Guides here at Gamer Tweak.