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How to Reach the Vault In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Path to Ancient Vault

After Cere drops you, the first challenge you will deal with is finding your way to the Vault. At this place you will meet your ally BD-1 a cute little droid who will store items for you, unlock doors, help you in zip-line, and more. In this guide I will show how to reach the ancient vault in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you can save your time, avoid animals in your path and reach your destination to progress to the next objective.

How to reach the Vault


After landing, follow the jumping animals. Jump down the lower levels of mountains and go left and Meditate. This is an Save Point where you can save games and access Skill Tree. This is an exactly same place where you will meet BD-1 for the first time. Follow BD-1 he will unlock a bridge and jump over. Climb over the leaves and move towards left climbing to reach top.

Next you will unlock a Hologram Map that will guide you towards the Vault, but it won’t be that helpful. Most of the areas are covered, up continue following BD-1 he will take you to a zip-line. The next place is has a locked door and Save Point.  We have to go left from here but if you to grab a Life Essence and important element to increase Maximum health then read below or skip to the next para.

Life Essence Location:


There is an hidden spot on the right of the door, a cave guarded by an alligator and frog type creature called as Oggdo Bogdo. If you are able to kill him, in the cave you can take Life Essence. If you are able to grab three of them you can increase Maximum Life. If you want walk right from the locked door. Walk on the two pipes to go further right. Cross a narrow pipe again and walk towards the dead end. Ignore the Fan Area. On your right you will see an cave blocked with white pipes, cut them down and fight the alien creature inside. Look for purple lights and grab the Life Essence and then return back to the locked door location.

Continuing to the Vault – Path

From the lock door and save point location go left, follow BD-1 over a pipe and drop down pressing Circle in a cave where you will fight a weaker alien creature Bogano in Hermit’s Abode. After killing them stop the fan on the left of the door and meet BD-1, fix him and he will unlock the door for you. Use the Light Saber to see in dark, in the dark room use the leaves on the wall to climb up. Jump left and then left one more time to land on platform. There are some wires on right with electric current leaking from them. Use Light Saber to cut them and you will see in a cutscene Cal falls down.


This unlocks the Healing ability, BD-1 can store the healing stim for you press D-pad Up to heal. Continue walking through the wires you just cut and got electrocuted, and walk right. Do not jump down, just walk right and go outside, continue towards the Zip-line.

The Great Divide:

This new location is called as the Great Divide, there are two statues and your parth is on the left through Wall Run, that will lead you directly to the vault. But you cannot use Wall run right now, you have to unlock it first. Remember this location, you have to return back here after unlocking Wall Run.


How to unlock Wall Run:

Fallen Order Unlock Wall Run

From the last location the place where you saw two statues, go right and jump down.  Use the zip-line to go further down, you will cross a huge lift. After landing continue walking towards left where you will see a huge alien creature like Oggdo Bogdo. You can just run and pass it if you do not wish to fight, walk to the end and use the leaves on the wall to climb up.

Now you are in a different cave called as Subterranean Refuge. Look on the right down side, there are few lights on the wall, just follow them to another cave. There will be lizards running around, and at the end of cave you will see a thin passage with a dead end, walk towards it and you will unlock Wall Run. To perform Wall Run, run and jump towards ridged walls. You cannot wall run on any wall, look for ridges.

Now its time to return back to the statue location. From the last location use wall run to return to this cave entrance. Climb up using the plants on the wall, from the exit walk near the light on the wall and see on left. Jump to the left and take the exit outside, walk over the pipe to reach the other side and then continue walking over huge metal billboard type structure on your right. Wall run over it to reach the lift.

Fallen Order how to reach Vault

Once the lift stop use the zip-line on left, continue climbing up from the left after jumping over the broken bridge you will reach the spot with two statues. Now wall run and reach the Vault. Stand in the a middle and press D-pad down to scan.

This will trigger a cutscene where you will earn about your next location. You will also meet a Jedi Master, and learn about the Zeffo tribe. This will unlock new location Zeffo.

How to return to the ship from the Vault

Time to head back, walk through the narrow passage between half circle carved on the cave wall. It is an shortcut to outside, slide through the area and down from the left end. There is a door on your right, you have to wall run to reach it. BD-1 will can and trigger another cutscene that will unlock new location Dathomir. After a while the door will be unlocked, run straight and use wall run to grab the leaves on wall. Continue moving left, and follow the leaves to reach on top. Use the zip line and one last wall run to reach the ship.

You can now return back to the ship for the next challenge.