Pokemon Randomizer: How To Use Tool (Gen I-VII)

Here is a full guide on how to randomize all Pokemon games from generations I to VII.

Want to randomize the Pokemon games with self-imposing rules to spice things up a bit? You should do a Nuzlocke or a Soul Locke challenge by using the Pokemon Randomizer tool. Currently, you can use the Universal Pokemon Randomizer tool to modify titles from Gen I-V and Universal Pokemon Randomizer ZX for Gen VI & VII titles.

The reason you want to modify them is because just self-imposing rules are not enough. Most routes have fixed Pokemon that spawn and if you are replaying a game you will already know about them. Using a randomizer tool, it is easier to change or modify those things. So, here are all the games that you can edit and the step-by-step process for them.

Pokemon Randomizer Explained

To give a quick overview, to use Pokemon Randomizer you need to dump your ROM file, set the rules, then randomize and save your new ROM file. But this is a bit oversimplification of how the process works. Here is how to do it for every game:

How to Randomize Gen I-V Pokemon Games

how to use Universal Pokemon Randomizer Tool for Gen I-V games

  1. Download the Universal Pokemon Randomizer tool. This is the tool where you dump your ROMs.
  2. Make sure you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.0 or above installed. Without it, the randomizer will not work.
  3. Next, click on Open ROM. If you have it in a zip or rar format then extract the ROM first. Depending on the game’s generation and the platform it was on you can get a .gb, .sgb, .gbc, .gba, or .nds file.
  4. Now modify the following aspects of the ROM as per your needs:
    • Pokemon Traits
      • Base Statistics
      • Abilities
      • Types
      • Evolutions
    • Starters, Statics & Trades
      • Starter Pokemon
      • Static Pokemon
      • In-Game Trades
    • Moves & Movesets
      • Move Data
      • Pokemon Movesets
    • Trainer Pokemon
    • Wild Pokemon
    • TM/HMs & Tutors
      • TMs & HMs
      • Move Tutors
    • Field Items
    • Misc. Tweaks
  5. Using the above modifiers, you can control several aspects like changing your Pokemon types, changing their evolutions, randomizing wild Pokemon in different routes, randomizing trainer names & classes, changing the requested & given Pokemon, and more.
  6. If you want to use these same modifications in the future you can Save Settings. Next time you can simply load them.
  7. Now, click on Randomize (Save).
  8. Give this file a new name for example something like Emerald_Nuzlocke and click on Save.

That’s it for randomizing the game, but when you save the game you should also know about the log file and seed. Here is what they do:

  • Upon saving you will get an option to save the log file. This can be useful to track changes in the randomization performed. Although saving a log file isn’t recommended as it gives you an advantage.
  • Finally, the tool will also give you Random Seed, Config String, and also the option to Produce File, which will contain the randomization data that you can share with your friends or other people.

How to Randomize Gen VI-VII Pokemon Games

how to Ranomize gen 6 and 7 games using UPR ZX tool

The process to use Universal Pokemon Randomizer ZX is almost exactly identical to that of the one explained above. The only major difference is to Randomize roms for 3ds games you will need a decrypted version of your game ROM. Once you have it randomize and save your ROM and you are ready to go. The new file extension types that this tool supports are .3ds, .cci, .cxi, .cia, and .app.

What Games can you Randomize?

Depending on the game’s generation, below are all the games and the tools you will need to randomize them:

Universal Pokemon Randomizer

  • Gen I
    • Pokemon Red
    • Pokemon Green
    • Pokemon Blue
    • Pokemon Yellow
  • Gen II
    • Pokemon Gold
    • Pokemon Silver
    • Pokemon Crystal
  • Gen III
    • Pokemon FireRed
    • Pokemon LeafGreen
    • Pokemon Ruby
    • Pokemon Sapphire
    • Pokemon Emerald
  • Gen IV
    • Pokemon Diamond
    • Pokemon Pearl
    • Pokemon Platinum
    • Pokemon HeartGold
    • Pokemon SoulSilver
  • Gen V
    • Pokemon Black
    • Pokemon White
    • Pokemon Black 2
    • Pokemon White 2

Universal Pokemon Randomizer ZX

  • Gen VI
    • Pokemon X
    • Pokemon Y
    • Pokemon Omega Ruby
    • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Gen VII
    • Pokemon Sun
    • Pokemon Moon
    • Pokemon Ultra Sun
    • Pokemon Ultra Moon

Now, you shouldn’t face any trouble to randomize Pokemon games and, in setting up your Nuzlocke challenges. In case you want to try out the newer Gen 8 and 9 games you should check out our Pokemon Sword & Shield, Legends Arceus, and Scarlet & Violet sections.