Forza Horizon 5 (FH5) – How To Rally?

Read this guide to learn how to go rallying in FH5.

Ever wanted to gracefully drift across the gravel like rally icon Colin McRae in Forza Horizon 5, but have never been able to get to grips with the right settings? Well, the end to your rallying dillema is here in the form of this guide. Here, we will walk you through all of the elements that will help you perfectly drift in the beautiful, slippery surfaces that the Mexico map in FH5 has to offer. With this guide, you will find yourself effortlessly drifting around like Stig Blomqvist and Hannu Mikkola in no time. So, without further ado, strap into your racing boots and prepare yourself for what is going to be an amazing ride!

How to Rally in Forza Horizon 5 (FH5)?

Getting the Right Car to Rally in Forza Horizon 5

One of the most obvious elements you need to get right if you want to succeed at drifting in Forza Horizon 5 is getting the right car. While picking cars for street and road races can be quite easy, rallying is a completely different story. The unevenness of surfaces, combined with the lack of grip and sudden turns means that you need a car that can cope with all of these and more.

When it comes to selecting a car to rally in FH5, we recommend you go for something lightweight and with 4-wheel drive/all wheel drive (4WD/AWD). Light cars with AWD will help you get as much grip as possible, ensuring you are always on track. A light vehicle will also help enhance agility and nimbleness, helping you shave precious seconds off your stage times.

We recommend you go for some of the older rally cars, like the Audi Quattro or the Ford Escort Cosworth.

Engines to Rally in Forza Horizon 5

As far as engines are concerned, we ideally recommend you stick to the stock engine that comes with your rally car. Usually, these engines are best suited for your car, and adding another engine might result in unnecessary effort.

However, if you absolutely do want to change your engine, you should check out the 1.6L I4 Turbo Rally engine in the game.

Tires & Rims


Grip. Grip. Grip. If there’s one thing you need to know about rallying, it is the fact that grip can be everything. Without enough grip, you should not be surprised to see yourself falling off a steep cliff into the unknown. A good grip will also help you stay planted on the track, preventing you from wasting any time.

To get the best possible grip for all of the unpredictable, ever-evolving surfaces rallying has to offer, we recommend you pick the Rally Tire Compound. These tires will offer grip on both, paved as well as unpaved surfaces in Forza Horizon 5.

However, if you wish to save some money, you can also go for Off-Road Tire Compounds. The only caveat here is the fact that you may end up sacrificing grip on paved surfaces in exchange for spending lesser money. The choice is all yours.

Tire Width

The next thing you need to check when going rallying in Forza Horizon 5 is tire width. We recommend you go for a wider rear tire to assist you with grip. You do not need to do the same with the front tire.


Since the aim is to keep things lightweight here, the trend continues for rims too. Make sure to pick a rim that is light and does not bog down your car. You will also need to make sure the rim you pick can handle rough surfaces and is durable. You can also alter rim size according to your preferences.

Track Width

You can go with max track width for your rally car in Forza Horizon 5 if you wish to. Even here, the choice depends entirely on the feedback your car provides when you drive it. Feel free to tinker with these settings based on your preferences.


When it comes to the Drivetrain settings for your rally car in Forza Horizon 5, we recommend you pick the maximum choices. This is keeping in mind the fact that you will need to prepare your vehicle to tackle the rough stuff without throwing up any unnecessary problems. Go for max on the clutch, driveline, and everything else. Also, make sure to pick the rally differential. If your stock transmission is not 6-speed, you can go ahead and make sure it has 6 different speeds.


This one comes down to your personal preference. Race brakes are usually unnecessary, so tinker around with how the car reacts to braking, and then find the right one.


Go for the Rally springs to receive the best support when driving on the rough stuff.

Anti-Roll Bars

Pick up the Rally Anti-Roll Bars for your car here.

Weight Reduction to Rally in Forza Horizon 5


If you have the funds to go all-out for weight reduction, we recommend you go ahead and do it. As we mentioned earlier, you will need to concentrate on making sure you reduce as much weight as possible, so try to do so whenever possible.

And there you have it. These are most of the influential elements that will help you get better results in rallying in Forza Horizon 5. Obviously, if you wish to, you can get even further in and tweak minute elements of your car. You can do so by Tuning it if you want to. With everything said, though, these are just recommended configurations for a good rally car. We recommend you take the time to pick and choose between the different parts you want for your car. You can do so by driving it around and getting a feel for what works, and what does not. Remember to stick to the basics, and all should be good.

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