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How to Purchase Outfits & Clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield bring a new kind of outlook on Pokemon and their abilities but one thing that usually gets ignored is the fact that you do not have to stick to the threads you start the game with. This guide will show you how to change uniforms and outfits in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Purchase Outfits & Clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To purchase outfits all you need to do is go to a clothes shop or a boutique in a big city and talk to the person behind the counter. You will be given a selection of an option from where you can select whatever you like and those will be added to your inventory.

Once you are happy with your purchase you can press Y and then end the transaction. To change your outfit all you need to do is go to a changing room and then you will be able to select from all the choices you have.

How to Change Uniform & Outfits in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Though only a cosmetic change, having different pairs of outfits helps the players from having another reason to play the game and usually they can change the look of the character to suit their fashion sense.

To change clothes and outfits in Pokemon Sword and Shield you will have to go into a clothes shop or a boutique. You will usually find them in big cities all over the game.

You will then need to go inside the shop and head inside the changing room, once there pick what you wish to dress your character in.

If you wish to wear a uniform you will have to fo to the rightmost icon, the one to the right of the Glove section.

Press Y to get an idea of how you look with a particular outfit. There is a ton of option so make sure that you check all of them out. You can then exit the changing room by pressing B and then confirm your choice.

How to change Gym uniform

One of the saddest things about Pokemon Sword and Shield is the inability to change the gym outfits, this is the default that the game provides and this is one thing that you cannot change according to your wishes.

You can, however, go to a boutique or a clothes shop and purchase any uniforms you wish to have, but the moment you step inside of a Pokemon gym you will find yourself in the default attire the game has set for you.

This is all there is to know about how to purchase clothes and outfits in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Check our other Pokemon Sword and Shield Cheats, Tricks and Tips only on Gamer Tweak.

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